MRC-100 3-PocketQube Class Student Satellite

MRC-100 Internal Subsystems

MRC-100 Block Scheme

MRC-100 smogcli2 rtl-sdr openwebrx receiver program installation

Save this script to your home folder:

On Raspberry Pi Zero-W2, Pi3, Pi4, Pi400, (Pi2 not enough) - only 32 bits image: "bash true", on other PC: "bash false"

After installation with NO error (no red lines in terminal): "sudo reboot"; do not forget the last crontab command insertion to autorun.

Open your browser: "your IP address:8073" or "localhost:8073" to see the received signal.

- smogcli2 - tnx: Péter Horváth & Miklós Maróti
- openwebrx - tnx: ha7ilm

Minimal-config GND for MRC-100

Tape-measure 6-element Yagi-Uda antenna (10 dBi gain) with RTL-SDR+TCXO & USB to PC.

The first two images taken by MRC-100:

New image - 2023-06-27


MRC-100 rotation:

Online telemetry data of MRC-100: